Mixing mediums: the next steps to painting by numbers

By now you’ve completed at least one artwork using the painting by numbers method. Maybe more, so you could say you’re an expert at this point. You’ve read all the articles meant for beginners and you’ve memorized almost all the tips and tricks meant for them. Now what? Your journey with PNB is not over yet. In this article, we are going to give you some fun ideas to elevate your artworks while mixing different mediums and methods in order to create something truly unique.


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One of the most interesting things about painting by numbers is that you can find tons of new designs to try each time. With this amount of variety, you can start to see that the possibilities for creative decisions are endless. Collage is a unique art form of its own, but when combined with painting by numbers artworks it can create a whole new dimension in your creations. You can try different paper textures and colors all around the design you are working on, to see what works best for you. Newspapers, postcards, stamps, and receipts are a few of the materials you can use for free to really get the creative juices flowing.


painting by numbers

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Embroidery can be one of the most relaxing art forms and when combined with the painting by numbers method it truly makes wonders. It works best with a more abstract or minimalist design, complimenting the colors and the lines of it. It also gives the design a more 3D appearance and, depending on the threads you end up using, it provides a velvety texture on some parts of it. There are a lot of different methods to achieve this, and with a little research and practice, you can truly elevate your artwork.


painting by numbers

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Are you tired of the usual painting by numbers artworks? Do you need some extra glam in your life? We have the solution and it’s going to dazzle you. Instead of spending hours painting the little parts of the design, you can instead use the same color of glitter stones and small gems, to make it really pop out! The texture of the painting after it’s finished is amazing and it is a great idea for a personalized gift to a friend or a significant other. Everyone is going to appreciate the time and effort put into it and you are definitely going to be proud of yourself after getting it done. It’s a win-win situation!

Gold paint in painting by numbers

painting by numbers

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One of the newest trends of painting this last year is the use of gold paint. Gustav Klimt can be definitely traced as the inspiration for this, so you can grab your brush and get ready to mimic his technique. You can use the gold paint however you want, but one of my favorite methods is painting over some lines of the artwork so that the end result is full of small golden details that really make it shine. Bonus tip, using gold paint is a really great idea when you are working on a space or galaxy design. The stars have never been so bright before!

Fabric and other materials in painting by numbers

painting by numbers

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This last technique is really similar to collage, but instead of using just different styles of paper for your artwork, you are upgrading to, well, almost every material you have in hand! Buttons, pins, leaves, old jewelry, mechanical parts, wood, and iron are only a few of the unlimited possibilities. Don’t forget to get yourself a glue suitable for all materials and get ready to create! 

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