About Us

Become an artist with us

We believe that to live a happy life, it is important to pick up hobbies and activities that make you relax and enhance your creativity. Give your mind a break and drift away from your everyday worries with DonElton’s Paint by numbers kit!

Our mission is to spread happiness and creativity by showing how easy it is to create a beautiful piece of art for anyone. We bring you a variety of designs you can choose from including beautiful nature, cities, or the worlds most famous paintings. 

You dont need to get anything else, you will recieve everything necessary with your order. We use carefully manufactured high quality linen canvas, a set of fast-drying non-alergic acrylic paint and comfortable to use brushes. Become an artist today with DonElton’s Paint by numbers kit!

Easy to follow instructions

Large variety
of designs


Relaxing and creative activity

Decorate your home with a piece of art created by you!

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