Looking for inspiration? These painting by numbers artworks will blow your mind

Losing your inspiration is not an uncommon problem. Sometimes, nothing can motivate you to finish a painting or even start a new one. Moving past it is difficult but is a necessary process in order to get back your creative vision and start painting again. There are different ways to regain your inspiration but I have found that at least for me, it works miracles to just watch other people’s creations and try to pick up pieces from them. Here you can find a list of amazing painting by numbers artworks that are going to motivate you into getting back into the game in no time!

painting by numbers artworks

Source: http://treadleyardgoods.blogspot.com/

I just love repeated patterns like this because they end up being great artworks for my walls. This one is actually a fabric, which really shows the influence painting by numbers has on other forms of art. The colour palette here is so pretty, with the pastel colours really complementing each other. As a finished piece, it would be a great addition to a bright room. You could also use it as a wallpaper background for your phone. There are countless possibilities so make sure you grab them all!

painting by numbers artworks

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Klimt definitely has a way with details and blending colours together seamlessly. This is one of my favourite painting by numbers artworks. I absolutely love the gold touches and the patterned dress of the girl. Getting a chance to reimagine his paintings is a huge inspiration factor for me. This way, I can follow his steps in order to create something beautiful!

painting by numbers artworks

Source: www.donleton.eu

Small town landscapes can be absolutely mesmerizing. They are also one of the most popular categories in painting by numbers artworks. This one is so full of colours! You can almost sense the different textures from the pavement, the flowers, the weathered walls of the buildings and the rocky mountain in the background. Do not get anxious if you feel like it is more difficult than other projects you have already worked on. It follows the same relaxing procedure.

painting by numbers artworks

Source: www.donelton.eu

No one can deny the fact that peacocks can be some of the most majestic animals out there. The colours of their feathers have such a variety that there is no doubt artists all over the world use them for inspiration or as a muse. Painting by numbers artworks were not an exemption. As you can see, the end result absolutely pays tribute to these wonderful animals. This painting is a bit more detailed by others but don’t let that scare you! The end result is going to amaze you! You will be so proud of yourself once you’re done painting it.

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