Are you a pro at painting by numbers? Elevate your artwork with these advanced techniques

By now you have probably completed a number of different painting by numbers designs. You have learned the basics of this method and your artworks have gained the approval of your friends, hung on the walls of your house. However, art is about evolving and you can’t stop thinking about how to get one step further with it. This article is going to show you various ways to achieve that and the advanced techniques you can try, in order to truly elevate your artwork.


advanced techniques


This is one of the most popular techniques that can make your painting stand out from other creations. The painting by numbers method (PNB) can produce amazing artworks, however, an experienced eye can always tell when a little box of color ends and another one begins. When you blend the colors together, it helps create a seamless result that ends up looking more put together in general. The lines get softer and the painting becomes alive. 

In Don Elton’s kits, the paints used are acrylic. This means that if you want to blend the colors you will have to work fast, as their drying time takes less than other paints. Don’t let that scare you though, as even at a fast rate, blending is very easy and will not trouble you much. For me, blending works best when both of the areas I want to merge are still wet from the paint. Using a dry, clean brush, gently work on the borders of the two areas, moving your brush in various strokes and directions to merge them. If you are still feeling a little insecure about it, you can always practice a bit beforehand in scrap paper and familiar with the movements of your brush.

Even though blending can be a great advanced technique for PNB artworks, make sure to work in smaller areas first. This way, you will see if you like the end result. Usually blending is not used in the whole painting, but in bigger areas, such as the sky, or big bodies of water. Start from there and if you feel like this is something you want to take to the rest of the canvas, feel free to express yourself.


advanced techniques


My favorite kind of paintings usually have a night sky pictured on them. The sky can be a great source of inspiration for artists. When using the PNB method, you can choose from a variety of designs to get your creative juices flowing. A great way to bring a galaxy to life on a canvas is to try the splattering technique, in order to create hundreds of little stars. This is one of the many advanced techniques that are focused on more abstract pieces. Unless you want a totally untamed result, make sure to practice beforehand.

To achieve splattering on your canvas, you are going to need a hard brush or an old toothbrush you no longer use. Put a small amount of paint on it. Then, at a 20 – 30 cm distance from the canvas, use your fingers to pull back the bristles and then release them. The faster you do this, the more specks of paint will appear on the canvas. Experiment with various speeds and amounts of paint. You can also try to thin your acrylic paint with some water. This way, the “stars” will be a little bigger in size. There are different ways to achieve your desired effect. Make sure to give it a go and not give up if you don’t nail it the first time you try it.

What other advanced techniques for painting by numbers do you know? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to check out Don Elton’s different PNB kits on the website.

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