The 3 psychological effects of painting by numbers

Sometimes, your favorite hobby can have side effects you could never imagine. Nausea, tiredness, red eyes, and many many more. Well, painting by numbers can be challenging, but its side effects are more on the positive side. You probably know already that art, in general, can be therapeutic for your body and mind, but painting by numbers? It can do wonders for you, and these wonders are getting a thorough breakdown in this article. So let’s see the most important psychological effects of painting by numbers and how you can achieve them.

1. Organisational skills

psychological effects of painting by numbers


One of the most important psychological effects of painting by numbers is that it can affect your organizational skills. You learn about managing your space while painting and at the same time, taking your time dividing sections and managing the colors you are going to use. Think of it like this: a painting by numbers picture is a huge, complex project that can be divided into smaller, more manageable parts.

If you start by painting the small parts, one by one, you will find yourself one step closer to finishing a big artwork. The same goes for every project. You simply have to learn to break it down to the basics before looking at the bigger picture again.

2. Self confidence boost

psychological effects of painting by numbers


Using a painting by numbers kit is going to create a huge boost in your self-confidence. Even if you have no prior artistic experience, getting to finish a piece and seeing it as a whole is very liberating. It instantly makes you feel that you are good at it. You will always see the progress that you make each day, which brings you one step closer to the bigger picture you are working on. We all need a self-confidence boost every once in a while, don’t we?

3. Stress and anxiety reducer

psychological effects of painting by numbers


Reducing stress and anxiety can be exhausting to work with and definitely need some help in reducing on their own. Painting by numbers is one way to make you relax and give yourself a much-needed and deserved break. The psychological effects of painting by numbers are visible because as you are focusing on painting, your mind concentrates on this one thing and kind of shuts down every other stress-inducing thought, leaving you in a relaxed trance.

It can also help with dealing with PTSD, as it can safely contain and create separation from the terrifying experience of trauma. Art, in general, can create a safe space, express and make a survivor’s experience of emotions, thoughts, and memories visible when words are insufficient.

Art therapy specializes in this practice of art in order to deal with psychological problems, so if you feel like you need it, consult a mental health specialist to help you overcome any negative feelings in a safe and healthy way. Painting by numbers can also help you resolve conflicts, communication problems, difficulties in expression, and many other psychological problems.

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