How to Handle Transparent Paints? Paint By Numbers

What is Transparent Paint?

The only problem you might have with paint by numbers kits is the transparent paint. This is when, even after painting, you can still see the numbers and it does not look as good as you wish. Don’t worry! In this article, we will show you how to handle transparent paints. Here is DonElton’s solution to face this problem and make the best out of your paint by numbers kit. 

First Step to Handle Transparent Paints

The first thing you need to do is to check the colors. Take a white sheet of paper and write down the number of each color on it. Then take your different cans of paint and your brushes furnished in the paint by numbers kit and paint the numbers with the right color. After doing that you will be able to identify which ones are transparent and which ones are not. For example, sometimes yellow or light blue might be transparent. Thanks to this technic, you will know which colors are transparent paint before starting your artwork! 

Don Elton’s Solutions

The best solution against transparent paint is to hide the numbers before painting the area. Take a white corrector fluid (not included in your paint by numbers kit) and apply it over the number and let it dry. The area is now totally white, and the number is not here anymore! You can now paint over it without any problems. Your artwork will look perfect!

We recommend you don’t apply white fluid over areas with different numbers at the same time. Apply it on different areas but with the same number. Otherwise, you could get lost and not remember what color the area was supposed to be. 

Another solution to handle transparent paint is to do two or three layers over the number. After painting the area, let it dry and paint it another time. In fact, painting the area multiple times will surely hide the number. You can paint the area until the number is no longer visible. But be careful with this technic, don’t use too much paint on this or you might not be able to finish your artwork. This is why we would definitely recommend you use the technic with the fluid corrector on your artwork! 

Congratulations, transparent paint has no secret for you anymore! Your painting by numbers will look amazing! 

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We hope you will have a good time painting with DonElton! 

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