DIY Paint By Numbers – 7 Tips To Make Your Artwork Look Wonderful

Don Elton will help you to improve your DIY paint by Numbers thanks to a few easy tips. Whether you have experience or you are a beginner, you will be able to apply these technics directly!

DIY Paint by Numbers

1. Iron the canvas before painting

To have a perfect canvas, you need to iron it. Ironing the canvas is the first thing you should do; you won’t be able to iron it with paint on it. You should not iron it on the printed side, iron the white side. Avoid putting steam while you iron the canvas is could damage it. 

And there you go; you now have a perfectly flat canvas, and you will have a perfect painting! 

2. Blend the edges

When you paint by numbers, edges might seem too sharp. As you are painting areas it might not seem natural but don’t worry you can make it look way better. Here is DonElton solution to paint like an artist. This technic will take your DIY paint by numbers to another level. 

To blend your color there are two technics. The first one is for large areas. Let’s say you have area number 1 (red) and area number 4 (pink) to blend in together. Take the largest brush from your paint by numbers kit and load it with half red and half pink. Then, paint the line with it and go back and forth. The colors will merge and blend in together, giving you a nice transition between the two colors. 

The second technic is for small areas. With a small brush, take a little bit of paint number 1, and gently paint little lines between area number 4 and area number 1. Then wash your brush, take a little bit of paint number 4 and do the same. After that, wash your brush and go back and forth and blend the two colors together. 

We recommend you try it on a white sheet of paper first to train. These technics are not difficult, but it is better to train a little bit first. It would be a bummer to mess up your beautiful artwork! 

We also recommend you do that only once you have finished your painting. These are details, so make sure you have enough paint to finish your painting before doing that. 

3. Focus on one color

Don’t change color every minute. Focus on one number and paint multiple areas of this number. Changing color every time will only use more energy. You will have to clean your brushes every 30 seconds which is not fun at all.

It is also bad for the paint. As you will put your wet brush many times in the paint, there are chances it will make the paint too liquid, especially if you let drops of water fall into the paint. There are also chances that you did not clean the brush well and mix the paint. What we absolutely don’t want. 

Focus on one color, it will save you time, effort and you will enjoy better your DIY paint by numbers. 

4. Use a toothpick

Tiny areas are hard to paint. Sometimes it might be tricky to paint small areas with your brushes. You can easily put paint on the wrong area if you are not concentrated enough. This is we recommend you use a toothpick. Toothpicks are really thin and precise, and they make it really easy to paint super tiny areas. 

5. Paint in natural light 

Of course, you should paint with good lighting. We recommend you paint in natural light. Daylight is way better than artificial lights. First, it makes it easier to see the numbers. Moreover, it is better for your eyes. If you are painting with bad lighting conditions, your eyes might hurt after a certain period.

Painting in daylight also gives a better idea of the artwork. In daylight, colors are way more accurate, and you can have a real idea of what your DIY paint by numbers will look like. 

6. Correct your mistakes

Some paints are too light and after painting one layer you can still see the number. This doesn’t look good and of course, we want to hide this. To face that, you can use a white paint pen before painting the area. Apply white on the number, and your area is ready to paint! The number will be invisible, and your paint will look perfect! 

7. Stir one drop of water  

Sometimes the paint might be too creamy. It is not pleasant to paint with that kind of paint. It makes the layer too thick, and it does not look good.  Our solution against that is to pour ONE DROP of water into your paint. It is important to pour only one drop, if you put more than one drop in might ruin your paint and make it too liquid. One drop will make the paint perfect (not too creamy, not too liquid) and your layers will look amazing. 

It will also save you paint. When you add the drop of water, the paint spreads a lot easier, and you need less paint. With this technic, your DIY paint by numbers will look even better! 

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