3 ways to show off your painting by numbers artwork

One of the most usual questions, when you finish a painting by numbers (PNB) artwork, is what to do with it now that you are done. Especially if you are living in a rented apartment, hanging artwork on the walls might be a bit tricky so a lot of paintings end up tucked away in drawers, never seeing the light of day again. This list is here to provide you with solutions in order to show off your painting in various creative ways. So, let’s begin!

1. Get rid of nails

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If you want to have your artwork framed, there are various ways to display it, without worrying about tearing down the walls of your house. One of my favorites is to put the artwork against a bookshelf, a desk, or even the floor and make it lean into the wall so that it is supported. Art can be as simple as that!

2. Use clothespins

show off your painting

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Another way to show off your painting is by leaving it unframed. You can try putting various painting by numbers designs on a strong thread between two points in your living room or your bedroom and fasten them in place with colorful clothespins. It is a way of adding a touch of playfulness to your house and maybe some rustic vibes if you decide to go with traditional details. One tip for doing that is gluing a hard paper the size of your artwork behind it so that it stays in place without the canvas getting wrinkled or rolled upwards.

3. Get creative with mobiles

show off your painting

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By leaving your artwork unframed, you can also create various mobiles in order to make it a part of something really beautiful. Find a nice wooden stick that you like and hang different-sized threads on it. You can hang your most valuable PNB paintings from it, along with leaves, shells, flowers, or strangely shaped rocks. Your creativity can go wild with it, moving one step further towards transforming into a true artist.

4. Play with glass furniture

show off your painting

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If you have a glass coffee table in your living room, or a desk that is covered with a glass surface, one good way of making use of your most recent PNB artwork is to slide it beneath that surface. That way, you can have a truly unique piece of furniture and an art piece at once, killing two birds with one stone and using materials you already have in your house. 

5. Go digital

show off your painting

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Last but not least, if you are more on the digital side, you can take a clear, high-resolution picture of your artwork with your phone and use it as wallpaper for your phone, tablet, or laptop. If you are a fan of digital frames as well, you can upload it into one and have it decorate your house like this. The opportunities are endless with this way and you can even go as far as to use it as a base for other forms of art, or mixing mediums.

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