4+1 reasons to start painting by numbers

Many people can be anxious before starting a new hobby or a project they’ve never thought about before. Painting by numbers is no exception, with the addition of the anxiety a person gets when they first start to work their way with art. However, there are several reasons as to why you should start your very own painting by numbers kit, that are focused on your health and overall wellbeing.

1. Unwinding with art

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Starting a painting by numbers artwork is one of the best ways to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. It helps you shut down every irrelevant thought, every bad feeling you had during the day, and let it all out onto the canvas. Moreover, it can help you truly rest, as while you are painting you are so preoccupied with the small areas you have to fill in that your brain cannot process any other information at the same moment. It’s like you can press a “pause” button in your life and get away from it all, for small amounts of time.

2. Anxiety and stress reduction

start painting with numbers

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Creating art is one of the most stress-reducing activities you can do. When you start painting by numbers, you cannot expect the extent of this reduction and how happy and relaxed you are going to feel afterward. It is like getting closed up into your own little world, where the only care you have is whether you’ll be able to color every area in the canvas evenly. One of our most helpful tips is to try and squeeze in a 10-minute painting by numbers session before sleeping, as it will help you to unwind and have a good night’s sleep afterward, relaxed and calm.

3. Helping your focus skills with art breaks

start painting with numbers

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It is not unknown that art has a lot of advantages to the body and mind. However, recent studies have shown that art breaks during works have a tendency to help you be more focused afterward. Using your work breaks to do something mildly productive, like filling an area of your latest painting by numbers kit, helps you keep your mind sharp and pay more attention to details after you’re done. It simultaneously relaxes you and helps you keep the energy rolling, without feeling tired or stressed.

4. Family and friends bonding

start painting with numbers

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A good way to start painting by numbers is to do it with family or a group of friends. Sitting next to each other and painting can be really therapeutic and help you create long-lasting bonds more easily. Painting with little children or your grandparents is something that will give them great joy and you will have so much fun together. It’s a nice way to spend some quality time with them. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover you inherited your artistic skills from an older generation, or you’ll pass them on to younger ones.

5. Artist’s pride

start painting with numbers

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Creating art is not an easy task. It takes lots of planning, experimenting, crying over failures, and then trying to transform them into something beautiful. What is great with painting with numbers is that after you’re done with a design you’ll have trouble believing that you managed to finish such a masterpiece. Although the process is super simple, the end result is amazing. You are going to feel so proud of yourself for completing it. You can hang your artwork on a wall in your house and take pleasure every time one of your friends or guests compliments the artist who made it.

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